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17, August, 2022
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Does Air Duct Cleaning Increase Heating Efficiency in 2022?

Don’t feel the heat? Get your air ducts cleaned!

Well, well! Look whom we came across! Does Air Duct Cleaning Increase Heating Efficiency? Another curious soul. Air ducts are not that complicated to understand, but having questions about how they function and can be maintained is quite normal. See, ductwork is usually a hidden aspect inside the house.

Thus, it is very natural to miss out on the thought of getting them cleaned and serviced. It is the air ducts with which cold and hot air is circulated inside the house.

It is essential to ensure that the ducts remain clean because the air can be circulated relatively quickly and because the air is healthy and free from any unwanted or hazardous particles.

Moreover, people depend heavily on the ducts for warm air as the cold season approaches. However, the concern of keeping the bills in check is always there.

If air duct cleaning is not done correctly, the dust and debris could accumulate and hamper the performance of the HVAC systems.

Excess accumulation of dust and debris in the air ducts would cause the HVAC systems to undergo more pressure than necessary and also cause it to utilize more power and increase the bills.

This happens because, as dust and debris keep on accumulating, the air filters get clogged relatively easily, and this, in turn, decreases the airflow in the ducts. This will cause the HVAC systems to work harder, causing them to utilize more power than necessary, which in turn will increase the bill.

Moreover, if air ducts are not appropriately cleaned, dust could travel to the sensitive and crucial components of the filters and cause them to break down. The internal components are pretty sensitive, and improper handling could cause damage to such components. 

How Effective is Air Duct Cleaning?

What to do about it? Well, primarily, it is crucial to understand that something will last long enough only if care is taken correctly. Air ducts are something that is operational round the year, and it is of crucial importance to plan and organize services at regular intervals.

What is the ideal thing to do? The ideal thing to do would be to look for air duct cleaning services near you and hire them to maintain the air ducts in your home.

Timely cleaning of air ducts would also ensure that the air that circulates inside the house is clean and healthy. Actually, there are a number of health problems that could arise from unclean air in the place.

People who have asthma or are prone to allergies need to be even more careful with the air that flows in from the air ducts. Inside the house, it is the air from the ducts that people breathe in! Being mindful about it is something one should always keep in mind.

While homeowners can be at rest when it comes to certain aspects of the house, air ducts are definitely not one of those things.

Not only can dirty air ducts put pressure on the filters, but they will increase the overall cost of electricity and may also cause a number of different health diseases.

So, if you are really asking what to do about dirty air ducts, make sure that you organize timely maintenance of the air ducts. Hire professional air duct cleaners who can walk their talk and provide services that will make a difference.

What do I mean when I say timely maintenance? Well, most professionals will ask you to get your air ducts cleaned every three to five years.

Honestly, though, don’t postpone it after the three-year mark! Why? If there are constructions going on nearby, and you have a pet at home, then you should definitely not extend the time for cleaning and maintenance beyond the three-year mark.

These two issues are the most common factors contributing to dirty air ducts. Besides that, there is pollution, insects and rodents, and a number of other factors which can cause the air ducts to get dirty.

Now, coming to the main question! Does air-duct cleaning increase heating efficiency?

The answer is definitely yes! Think about it! If the air ducts are not cleaned properly, the HVAC Systems undergo a lot more pressure than they would have to if the air ducts were clean. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning.

So, all of these factors can be compromised if the air ducts are dirty.

The health problems - already mentioned that! During the cold season, if the air ducts are not clean, the time needed to heat up a room will substantially increase, put more pressure on the air filters and the HVAC systems and also cause the electricity bill to go up! Now that is just unnecessary! Isn’t it?

If a simple cleaning once every three years is all it takes, then there should be no second thoughts about it! 

Sometimes people even wonder how effective air duct cleaning is.

Trust me! It is very effective! Cleaning the air ducts would definitely make a difference.

The thing is that prolonged accumulation of dust and debris in the air ducts reduces the quality of air and also the airflow in general. Once you get your air ducts cleaned, you will notice a substantial difference in the airflow, and as you breathe, you will also see a difference in the quality of the air.

The effectiveness may vary depending on how professional the cleaners are, but the difference is going to be evident.

Therefore, it is advisable that you hire experienced air-duct cleaning professionals. If you find industry expert air-duct cleaners, you will notice that all your problems with regard to heating efficiency will be solved.

sure you hire professional air-duct cleaners who have the proper certification! 

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