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14, April, 2022
Power Cleaning Pro

Rug Cleaning VS Carpet Cleaning

Is rug and carpet are same?

Most of us really believe that rug and carpet are the same things, but unfortunately, they aren't. Although they both look alike, there's a specific difference between them. Rugs are much smaller than carpets. And it can quickly be taken anywhere. Carpets are primarily used to cover a large floor. It is basically a floor covering. Whereas rugs are much smaller in size, it used to cover a specific part of the floor. Carpets are heavier in nature, whereas rugs are much lighter than carpets.


Rug or carpets is a second layer to your floor, and it gives a new look to your floor as well as your home. But when it comes to cleaning, it becomes difficult to do it by yourself. Because it is impossible to clean rugs and carpets only by using hands or carpet cleaning. The significant difference between rugs and carpets is they both are made differently. Their cleaning process is also different. The primary alternative for cleaning rugs is a carpet cleaning service. There are certain most common types of cleaning processes: hot water extraction cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, encapsulation carpet, or rug shampooing. There are many more ways to clean your rugs and carpets. Mainly ideally used is the fringe cleaning technique. FRINGE cleaning technique makes use of mild cleaners and can work on all sorts of rugs. It is ideal for spot cleaning fringe or a standard cleaning. The steam cleaning process is the best way to clean carpets and rugs, which removes around 95% of dirt and bacteria from carpets and rugs. Proper rug cleaning needs to be done by professionals instead of cleaning it at home. As well as, carpet cleaning also needs professional supervision. There are many more ways used by various companies. Some contemporary manufacturers use bleaching techniques to deal with their rugs and provide them with an aged appearance to give a vintage look. Rugs are naturally worn with age. There's a mild transition between the fiber's top and bottom. Some companies provide you with every solution related to cleaning carpets and rugs. POWER CLEANING PRO offers you disinfectant fogging services and disinfectant fogging solutions, air duct cleaning service, upholstery cleaning service, pet waste odor control, and great professional carpet cleaning.