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10, September, 2022
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Is Professional Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Well, here we are to have another discussion about air ducts! Now, in a number of different articles and blogs, we have mentioned that air ducts are one of the most underrated aspects of a house. Why? 

Well, because they really are! Think about it! How often do you think about the air ducts in your house? Almost never! Right? 

Honestly, you don’t have to! We are here to do that! We do bring some discussion or the other so that you don’t have to worry about the different aspects of maintaining and cleaning air ducts, carpets, and other things in your house! 

However, today we are here to talk about something different! Innumerable times we have found people questioning the necessity of cleaning air ducts at all! 

Sometimes, we have also come across questions like whether it is at all critical to service air-ducts or not! Considering the recommended time gap between one air-duct service and the other, it is natural for people to think that cleaning air ducts is not so necessary. 

It is usually said that air ducts need to be cleaned every three to five years depending on the usage, the area where you live if you have pets at home, and a number of other factors! 

It is only natural for people to forget about this during the long time span that exists between the two services!

Honestly, there are a number of things you’ll start noticing when your air ducts are not clean! The air circulation might be restricted, and it might not feel as airy and breezy as it could have with clear air ducts. 

This could happen if dirt and debris accumulate in air ducts for a long time! 

After not servicing air ducts for a long time, the accumulated dirt could slow down the mid-duct fans and get to the sensitive components of the HVAC systems, which could cause long-term damage! 

The filters and the parts inside are pretty sensitive! Improper handling could really drive the filters to stop functioning correctly!

Is Air-Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Well, there are a number of different ways to look at it! There are debates around whether unclean air ducts cause health issues or not. 

Most often than not, the dirt and dust that accumulates inside the air-ducts stick to the walls of the ducts! There are a number of other sources from which unclean contaminants enter the house, but air ducts do not contribute much to them. 

However, to be on the safer side, it is recommended that you keep your air-ducts clean!

To come straight to the point, there is no scientific evidence that unclean air ducts contribute to making the air in your house impure! Does this mean that cleaning air ducts is a waste of money? Absolutely not! 

It is essential to understand that there are sensitive components in our HVAC system! 

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime over extended periods in our air ducts could harm those components! 

Moreover, there could be pest infestation in your air ducts, in which case it would become indispensable to get your air ducts cleaned by professional air duct cleaning services!

Is it worth it?

Yes! Air ducts need to be cleaned only once, every three to five years! This means that the expense of the service is not much considering the time period you will get between two services!

Not only would you be completely eliminating the risk of any health issue by keeping your ducts clean, but you would also be increasing the life of your HVAC system! 

Why? Excess dirt and dust usually affect the air filters more than any other component. Over long periods of use, the air filters become overloaded with dust which leads to interrupting the airflow inside the house! 

Keeping the ducts and the different components in good shape by getting them cleaned by professionals would lead to you enjoying clean, purified air in your house!

What Are The Next Steps?

Once you see that your air ducts are not performing as they should, you will understand that there is something not right.

Under probable circumstances, it would be the air ducts that are not working properly! Figure out the kind of service you want and try to look for professional air duct cleaning services. 

The working of HVAC systems is not very difficult to understand, but maintaining and servicing it is not something that homeowners could do by themselves! 

This is the reason we repeatedly mention getting help from professionals. 

The experts at professional air-ducts cleaning agencies have access to a number of blowers, brushes, and other tools that enables them to find the root cause of a problem and then treat it accordingly to get the best possible results!

However, do not fall into a trap! Not all companies that call themselves professional will actually be so! What does this mean? 

This means that when you fixate upon one particular company or agency whom you want to hire for your air duct cleaning service, there are a few things that you would need to look for! 

Make sure that the company is both registered and certified! If possible, check the reviews they have! 

Good reviews would indicate customer satisfaction from the previous jobs that they have done! Lastly, see if they have any referrals. People only give referrals to a company or an agency if they are delighted with the work that they have received from the company!

We really hope we were able to answer your question! While there is no scientific evidence as to whether unclean air ducts cause health issues or not, it is certain that keeping air-ducts dirty over long periods of time would definitely hamper their efficiency! 

Well, we provide professional air duct cleaning services as well. We would love to hear out your issues and give optimal solutions!