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2, September, 2022
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Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove All Pet Odors?

Pet odors from carpet! Professional carpet cleaning services could be of help!

Well! Back we are to have a nice little conversation about one of our favorite things in the house! Carpets! 

So, quite a few times, we have already mentioned how pretty, aesthetic, beautiful, and nice carpets are and how they significantly impact how the whole house would look! Moreover, we’ve discussed quite a bit on What is the importance of carpet cleaning?

We’ll skip that and dive right into what you are here for! You must have read the title and are probably bothered about your carpets stinking from the little mischievous deeds your pet might have pulled off on your elegant carpet! We love our pets! We do!

The presence of a little soul wandering about the house, making demands like a little child, is something that warms our hearts from the very core! However, as we mentioned, the little one can get mischievous at times!

While we could directly jump to a conclusion and tell you to get professional; carpet cleaning services, let’s talk a little more about our pets and how they might end up causing a little bit of trouble for us and our oh-so-favorite carpets! 

Our floor carpets are there all around the year! Pet odors are caused for a number of different reasons! 

On a warm sunny afternoon, your puppy takes a little swim in the pool in your backyard, comes right back in, and rolls on your carpet. Initially, the carpet might just be wet, but it is essential to understand that, as that will dry up, after some time, the carpet will start giving off a subtle yet lousy smell!

Your puppy might enjoy himself while he runs about in your garden as a light drizzle takes place. Isn’t that cute? Yes! It very much is! But as he’ll enters the house and put his soil-covered, wet little paws on the carpet, the stains will leave a mark on your carpet and, well, a bit on your heart too, maybe?

Besides that, there are innumerable occasions when your pet just feels like getting on the carpet and then wants to feel a bit light. You know what we mean!

Well, keeping everything else aside, the incident of your pet urinating on your carpet is just, you know, a bit too much.

Apart from the stains, there will be a long-lasting odor which is just too much to deal with. What’s worse? Say you’re not at home, and your pet decides to urinate on the carpet, and then it dries up! BIG problem! That is going to stink! 

Can We Take Care of This Problem By Ourselves?

Honestly? Not really! Well, you could definitely buy a couple of expensive carpet shampoos and put in vigorous efforts to remove a stain or the smell, but that might all go in vain if not done in the right way! 

Just like in order to pull off a task correctly, one needs to learn and study about it first; there are particular methods, tricks and skills required to clean carpets properly! Professional carpet cleaners usually go through training posts, and they start working for certified carpet cleaning companies! 

So, as you might have guessed already, it is going to be a difficult and strenuous task to get pet odors off of your carpet.

We’ve come across a number of people who have themselves tried to clean their carpets, have not been satisfied with the results and then contacted professional cleaners! 

So, the only thing to understand is that the entire process of trying yourself becomes utterly meaningless if professionals are the ones you ultimately have to get in touch with!

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

First, let’s get into why pet urine smells are so hard to remove! Do you know that ammonia-like smell that is released after your pet urinates on the carpet? That happens because of the bacteria present in the urine feed on proteins. Apart from that, there is uric acid, which causes a long-lasting stain and stench! 

While steam cleaning could eliminate the bacteria, removing the uric acid once and for all is not something the steam cleaning could pull off! Besides, did you know that if uric acid remained stuck to the carpet, then on exposure to moisture every time, it would keep giving off a bad odor?

Moreover, uric acid and other salts tend to stick to carpet fibers not only for months but for years! Yes! Does that mean that if we do not clean the uric acid, would that give off a foul stench for years? To a certain extent, yes! Isn’t that bothersome?

However, that is not going to be the case if you hire professional carpet cleaners who really know what they are doing! You could find a number of products available in the markets that have different components to help you out with both the stain and the stench! Do you know what the problem is, though?

These products often prove to be harmful to the fibers of the carpet! Therefore, upon using these products, you would be exposing your beautiful, elegant carpet to the risks of discoloration and distortion!

What if it is a tug, you ask? Well, rug cleaning vs carpet cleaning is a thing in itself! To answer your question in brief, although rugs might be smaller, even rugs need professional help at times!

Although you could try and maintain it by yourself to a certain extent, do get professional carpet cleaning services at intervals! 

Wondering how to choose the right carpet cleaning company? There are a number of things you could consider before deciding which company is right for you!

Do check for certifications, referrals, and reviews before you hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Well, if you do not want to get into that, you could also get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to give your pet a visit and also clean your carpets to the extent that they look like new!