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30, August, 2022
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Why is carpet cleaning important? [Methods & Importance]

Cleaning carpets is very important! Why, though?

Carpets! Yes! One of the most underrated aspects of a house! Are they really, though? Underrated? Well. 

Carpets are a very elegant thing in themselves! Carpets add to the overall aesthetics of the house. Carpets are such a subtle aspect of a house that just by the carpets, one can easily identify the taste, preference, and aesthetic sense of the people living in the house!

To add to that, installing carpets is easy and convenient, and the silence achieved by installing carpets is to die for! Isn’t it? The calm sound of footsteps as one walks across their drawing room over the carpets! 

Yes! I know! However, a big tension comes with all the beauty, elegance, and pleasant silence! People who have carpets at home know how difficult it can be to clean them.

Moreover, if carpets are not cleaned for a long time, then the carpets that once looked beautiful and added an aesthetic aspect to the house become the very thing that makes the house look not so pleasing.

So, if you’ve read this far, you are probably wondering why cleaning carpets is important. That question is not wrong. Along with that, there are a number of other questions! Can we not just replace the carpets?

Can we not clean carpets ourselves? Do we need to clean the carpets if we are shifting? See! Well, Carpets are not that cheap!

Replacing carpets is not really a good idea if cleaning is all they need! Some people feel that if they can clean their rugs at home, they can do the same with their carpets as well! That is, however, not the case!

When it comes to rug cleaning vs. carpet cleaning, the former is rather easier to manage! Cleaning carpets yourself is definitely a good idea!

Vacuuming or dusting the carpets on a timely basis could elongate their lifespan and increase the time between two services!

However, once the carpets have been used for an extended period of time, they tend to get discolored! In order to avoid that, professional carpet cleaning services are very important! 

Picking up dirt and used plates from your carpet after a party is one thing, but cleaning a number of spills and stains and managing discoloration is something else altogether!

Why is it so important, though? 

Well, apart from lowering the aesthetic essence, there are a number of other issues that dirty carpets could cause.

The fibers inside carpets are very fine. Moreover, there are layers of fine fibers that constitute the carpet.

Upon not cleaning for a long time, dirt and fine dust particles seep through the fibers of the carpet. In due course of time, with the friction between those particles and the fibers of the carpet, the carpet would slowly lose its strength and go to a point where discoloration could just not be handled anymore!

People who have pets at home know that maintaining carpets is even more important for them! So, Can carpet cleaning remove pet odors? Definitely! Professional carpet cleaners know much more than you could even imagine. As we say, a simple touch of professionalism can add a lot of value to work!

Did you know that unclean carpets could also cause health issues? Shocked? Don’t be! It is actually very true! If dust and dirt accumulate in the carpets for a long time, they could lead to skin irritation, allergies, weakened immune system, and even stomach illness! 

For those who have pets at home, dirty carpets can be problematic for their pets as well. Yes! Dirty carpets can lead to pets having ticks. That is uncomfortable! 

Not only for your pet but for you as well! Moreover, we do really love our pets! Don’t we? We don’t want them to be in any discomfort! Did you know that dirty carpets could also lead to mental anguish? 

Yes! A dirty or unclean environment goes on to cause mental stress and other problems! The recommended timeframe to clean your carpets is every six months! Extending that a little bit could be fine, but definitely not by a lot! 

There is something called norovirus as well! Did you know that? The norovirus finds it convenient to reside in your carpets for a period of four to six weeks! 

Now that is a lot of time! Moreover, the virus becomes airborne as you walk on or roll over your carpet. Problems? It can cause problems like stomach infections and has symptoms like food poisoning! 

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How Do I Get Them Cleaned?

Well, we came across this question earlier! Can we clean our carpets ourselves? The answer is yes! We definitely can! 

However, rest assured that cleaning your carpets yourself would not yield the same results that getting your carpets cleaned by professionals would! 

Why? Well, Professional carpet cleaners have a lot of experience, certification, and tools that can clean the carpets to the deepest extent. 

However, make sure that you hire a good company! There are a few things to keep in mind before trusting a company to clean your carpets! Wondering how to choose the right carpet cleaning company? 

There are a number of ways to do it! Please make sure you check their certification and referrals! 

The best thing to do would be to pre-schedule appointments. As the time approaches for you to clean your carpets, schedule an appointment and leave the rest of the work to the experts!

Do not let your carpets be infested with pests, germs, and other bacteria! 

Well, if you were wondering, we can also help you with your carpets. Our expert professionals have been in the industry for quite some time and would be happy to help you! Feel free to get in touch, and we could talk a little about what service suits you the best!